This is the entrance to Agios Georgios in the Peloponnese, Greece…..

This place is REALLY special – the tiny Byzantine chapel is actually built inside a sinkhole, tucked in underneath the cliff…

The approach is like something from Alice in Wonderland! – not quite down the rabbit hole but …….

Unlucky for us, the chapel was closed so we never got to see the 13th century murals inside….

21 thoughts on “THURSDAY DOORS

    1. It is Aiva – and a bit overlooked tourist wise because there’s just so many amazing sites in that part of Greece..

    1. I think so too!!! We’d trouble finding it and then another car pulled up as we were leaving so certainly not overwhelmed with visitors…

    1. Thanks Dan – we’d spent the morning sight seeing and I was ready for the beach so we almost gave up on finding the place – so glad we didn’t!!!

    1. We didn’t really mind, Kellye – we loved the outside and the surroundings. We’ve come across a lot of locked churches in Greece and Cyprus so we weren’t surprised.

    1. And it’s probably not even unique – there are bound to be similar little chapels tucked away in all sorts of odd places… But I can’t imagine many in as unusual a setting as this one.

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