Uragh Stone Circle 

This small Bronze Age five stone circle is located in County Kerry, Ireland. The original purpose of such circles is unknown -although obviously ceremonial in some way – and they often have lunar or solar alignment.

This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is CIRCLE

19 thoughts on “CIRCLE

    1. I hope you make it some day – it’s a beautiful part of the country – I think you’d find it truly inspirational for your art….

  1. I’m always fascinated by such places both for their antiquity and the hidden meanings behind them. This one looks very dramatic and I love the setting with the waterfall behind!

    1. The setting is something else. We actually came across it after one of those very long driving/ sightseeing days … nearly didn’t bother because we’d had enough – Imagine we nearly missed it!

    1. The setting is almost TOO perfect isn’t it – you’d be forgiven for thinking it a fake – but that whole region is full of stone circles, ring forts, etc – and all in the most stunning locations..

      1. I suppose it can be a nuisance for a farmer with such monuments on private land – especially nowadays with increasing interest and tourism. Many of them are not overseen by OPW (Office of Public Works) and must cause headaches re access, insurance, etc…. Most of them in this part of the country are on land that’s of little use except for sheep (and holiday homes!!)

      2. Several of them have ‘honesty boxes’ at the gate – hoping for a small donation. I don’t know if that makes the farmer more liable.

    1. The whole area is gorgeous – that was taken 3 years ago – the first Covid summer so there were very few visitors about and we had most places practically to ourselves…

    1. I was going to say that it must be lovely on a good evening but maybe the greyness actually adds to the aura of the place…

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