1. I’ve just been checking up to see if my comments have registered anywhere, but there are only a couple or so of my recent comments that have made it. I honestly don’t know what WP is doing (if it were social media I would say they are ghosting me). I have put a comment on every post you’ve done recently – after I’ve found them in the Reader because I no longer get an email when one is published) but each time I have to sign in before posting my comment. Once or twice I have noticed that it didn’t appear but I presumed it was being moderated (this often happens on Sarah’s site as well) but obviously not. I’ve just been ‘disallowed’ or ‘disappeared’. Meantime, back here on this Post, love the colours and you’ve done really well with the challenge this week. Hope you will be back on your feet soon and travelling again. I can imagine how you’re feeling and it ain’t good!!

    1. It seems as if Marisrravels and I are on the same boat. Word Press no longer notifies me of 3 bloggers I follow and some comments never seem to appear. To add to that some people have stopped receiving my posts…😕

      1. Ah…. the mysteries of WordPress!! Makes you long at times for the good ole days of pen and paper doesn’t it!! Needless to say, I haven’t the least clue about resolving things when something does go wrong.

      2. Think I am going to be forced to check with the happiness engineers. Last time I did their answer didn’t really make me all that happy.

    2. You’re still popping up in Spam occasionally Mari – but nowhere else…
      I’m doing ok thanks – on crutches now which has made life easier – especially on steps!!

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