Kytelers in Kilkenny City is one of the oldest inns in Ireland. The original owner was Alice de Kyteler, born in 1280 to wealthy parents. She prospered as a money lender – certainly unusual for a woman of that era. She married 4 times, amassing substantial wealth along the way as each husband succumbed to mysterious illnesses and died. She extended her fine home and opened it up as an inn. When the 4th husband died (following an illness where his hair and nails fell out), his family brought charges of witchcraft against Alice. She wisely fled to England, returning briefly a year late before fleeing again and living to old age under an assumed name. Her servant Petronella wasn’t as lucky and was tortured before being burned at the stake.

Needless to say, the inn has been haunted ever since – by a woman of course, but no one is sure whether it’s Alice or poor Petronella who is unable to rest…

Petronella’s memory is also preserved in a nearly restaurant

17 thoughts on “THURSDAY DOORS

    1. She must have been extraordinary for her time – but 4 dead husbands is a bit hard to justify!! Greed must have overtaken her!! You’d think numbers 3 and 4 would have been more cautious!!!

    1. More than likely – she couldn’t be tried for witchcraft as I recall because it wasn’t in existence as an offence at the time so they settled on heresy.

  1. I’ll try once more as my comment is not appearing – again!
    Great door (but newish)? Alice was certainly a woman to be reckoned with. I wonder what her brewing abilities were like.

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