13 thoughts on “NICOSIA DOORS

    1. That’s just part of a monument honouring Greek Cypriots who fought against British rule – There are 17 statues on it. The jail gate has been pulled up allowing prisoners their freedom….

    1. I was surprised I had so many – whenever I go looking for photos of doors I seem to find only windows! We really liked the old centre of Nicosia…

    1. Thank You Aiva – the old town is full of houses that must have been very fine in their day..
      I’m doing well – finally graduating into a shoe this week but still on crutches. Not walking much yet but will start building up from now on.. XXXMarie

    1. It’s called the Liberty Monument. I only included part of it – above the gate stands two men pulling the chains to open up and release Greek Cypriot prisoners. There are no Turkish Cypriots being released – they were considered allies of the British during colonial times

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