We just missed the Waterford Walls Festival which finished on Sunday (although there was still some activity on Monday – probably because of rotten weather over the past few weeks). The festival includes the usual music, workshops, tours, etc and, of course, art. Dozens of national and international artists create mural artworks around the city on ‘canvases’ donated by home owners and businesses.

The map provides a nice trail which will pass an hour or two, help with your daily step count, and, because of the hilly terrain of the city behind the quays, will work off a few extra calories..

(P.S. We missed last year so a few of the following might be from the 2022 festival)

20 thoughts on “WATERFORD WALLS 2023

  1. Wow, what a beautiful and colourful post, Marie. I love Waterford. And I love colourful murals, but this is the first time that I am hearing about the festival. When we lived in Dublin, we went to explore the city and the surrounding Copper Coast a few times during the year, but ever since we moved to Sligo six years ago, I haven’t been back. If it wasn’t for driving 4 hours each way, I would be on my way to Waterford this weekend. But as I wish to cycle the 46km glorious car-free Waterford greenway, I have to plan something for next year. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

    1. I’d love to do the Greenway sometime – we were down for just one night/ two days and came across the route a few times – it was a bit windy maybe but was dry and sunny and there seemed to be plenty of cyclists on the pathway… Definitely a ‘must do’ for both of us!

  2. Wow, what a fantastic collection of street art! And I love how you’ve captured some of the artists in action. Who wouldn’t donate a wall to be painted when this is what you get in return?!

    1. I was delighted to come across a few artists still at work – I’d say they just didn’t get finished with all the bad weather. The mural with the birds is on the facade of a hotel – which I thought was great! Actually we saw a few hotels around town that are rather tired looking – it would be a good opportunity for them to spruce the place up!

  3. The street art is fabulous. I wish there was more of that where we live because it not only gives artists a fantastic outlet for their craft, but it also beautifies the city. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It does beautify the place indeed – the interesting thing is that the city centre streets are quite narrow so you’d almost miss some of the works (even the larger ones) if you don’t look up…so they’re not invasive as such. The works away from the immediate centre are on old walls and gables so are a definite improvement anyway…

    1. I’m definitely going to organise myself enough next year to sign on for a walking tour during the festival – that would be great…

  4. And who knew that Waterford has embraced wall murals so extensively! Brilliant addition to the city and capturing the artists at work as well is a bonus. Thanks for bringing us that.

    1. I’ve been sitting around here for weeks so could actually have easily gone to Waterford during the festival – I wouldn’t manage much but I’d love to see the artists working on the huge pieces…. next year hopefully!!

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