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      1. The place was so bad that most residents were relocated in the 1950’s – it has become fashionable again in recent years and a lot of work has been done there..

    1. We included it on a trip to Puglia a few years back – Matera was probably my favourite part… On the mend thanks Sarah – physio this morning – I’m mostly out of the boot and can put some weight on the foot – no crutch around the house now… next thing is just building up my walking again and then driving at some stage – can’t even imagine that yet!

      1. I will! Trying not to dwell too much on a wasted summer… Hoping to get to New Jersey next weekend to see Bruce! Over and back – just a few nights and doing very little else – certainly no great walks around NYC!

    1. We stayed just outside town – but in a regular new build hotel – I’d have liked to stay in the town itself – just for the experience…

  1. Like Sarah, this is a place I never got around to visiting, but it’s still on my list as a possibility one day. That’s a lovely collection of doors you’ve given us. Hope you are having something of a summer over there. Ours comes and goes, more going than coming actually.

    1. Well worth a visit – and I know you love Italy – hope you make it one day. We’ve actually had a few decent days now – blue skies instead of grey thankfully although I think it’s due to change again..People are making the most of it before schools reopen next week…

    1. I hope they are full of state-of-the-art mod cons!!! I’d like to open the doors and find nice straight slick lines and loads of space!!

    1. It really is Hannah – I’m not sure if you’ve been to that part of Italy – it fits in nicely with a trip to Puglia..

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