An Irish Postcard – Dunmore East

Anything BUT a sleepy harbour!

Looks quiet enough as we approach…

Our timing was spot on for the changeover at the Aquapark….

and here’s the next batch – raring to go!

But there’s lots more going on…

As you can well believe, the seaside village of Dunmore East is a very popular spot in Ireland’s south east. Apart from the 6 local beaches and all the water based activities, there is a lovely cliff walk and some great driving routes in the area.

The name comes from Dún Mór – large fort or castle. There is some evidence of human existence in the area pre Iron Age. Fortifications – or Dúns – would have been constructed on the headlands for protection.

Fish, needless to say, was always an important part of the diet – there is mention of 50 fishing boats working from here in 1776. In 1812, Westminster decided to create a new harbour linking southern England and Ireland for passengers and the Royal Mail. Dunmore East was selected and work began on a pier in 1814. The project dragged on for decades, running well over budget and by 1837 the new harbour was already beginning to silt up. The arrival of steam meant that the ships could negotiate the winding river more easily so the service was transferred to nearby Waterford city. However, Dunmore was now left with a fine harbour and went on to become an important fishing port.

18 thoughts on “An Irish Postcard – Dunmore East

  1. Oh wow. Lovely photos. I especially adore the little one looking for his ball in the water. It looks like an amazing area. I need to return to Ireland!! Bernie

    1. He was the cutest little thing – we watched him for ages – he’d a great time. It was actually our first time ever in the village – one of those places that we THOUGHT we’d passed through at some stage – I’m definitely going back to do that cliff walk sometime…

  2. Thanks for the inclusion of the map at the end. Looks to be the kind of place you need a kayak for. There are lots like that in Donegal. I don’t have one, though!

    1. It looks like a lovely sheltered area for kayaks so is ideal for families – the open sea beyond the harbour was definitely choppier…It’s great to see water based activities in Donegal – the county has so much potential…

  3. Looks a pretty area and with lots going on! Great photos that seem to capture all the activity – I especially liked the small boy with the ball and the colourful kayaks against the dark rocks and sand 🙂

    1. We were really surprised at the queues for the activities – especially on a Monday – but it was the last week of hols so I suppose there was a particular rush. It’s great to see so many young (and not so young) people enjoying the facilities

    1. Thank you – I love beach days myself but I prefer a bit more heat and sunshine! This wasn’t a bad day – after a rotten spell of weather – so people were making the most of it…

    1. This part of the country has quite a few villages with thatch, Kellye – a lot of them are holiday homes rather than traditional cottages so you could even stay in one!!

    1. It was looking its best that morning. No we had stayed in the area the night before and went for a drive – we didn’t partake in anything – just watched all the activity

    1. We’ll definitely go back sometime for the walks and the cycle greenway – it must be gorgeous there this week with the lovely weather….

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