A familiar sight throughout northern Portugal and Galician Spain, the hórreo is just one of the many names for this little granary. Usually built with stone or wood, there are slits in the walls to allow for ventilation. It is always raised from the ground to keep rodents at bay. Shape and size can also vary and decorations – including crosses – are often included in the design.

17 thoughts on “THURSDAY DOORS

  1. And I never thought of those as doors! I have quite a collection of them as it’s a part of Spain I used to know well. You are so good at joining up the dots! You’ve sent me back to my photos to see what I can find.

  2. You saw something very similar in Europe, This was an area that seemed to have a lot of corn. So we wondered if they were for corn storage, but do you think they’re for grain storage? I love how each one is so unique.

    1. That appears to have been their purpose all right – I’m not sure what the new models are used for nowadays. The variety is what makes them particularly interesting isn’t it.

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