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El Caminito del Rey is a walkway pinned to the walls of a narrow gorge in Malaga Province, Spain. The almost 8km path was once considered one of the most dangerous in the world but the entire route has been restored and, although much, much safer, it’s still as spectacular as ever. Some of the original path is still in place under the newer construction

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    1. Well I’m useless – no head for heights at all – but most of the way is fine. The last section is rather open so I just looked at the path at my feet and ignored the view – no matter how stunning it was!

    1. It was – it was end August 2021 – Covid was still floating around but we were over for a wedding. So it wasn’t very busy and there were lots of stretches where there was no one else in view so it felt as though we’d the place to ourselves!

    1. Ha! I promise I didn’t copy you! I’ve just read your piece now – we didn’t have time to see Nerja properly after the caves – we actually couldn’t find parking and were under a bit of pressure re airport so left and went to Frigiliana for lunch instead. Your photos of the Caminito don’t look crowded – I know numbers are controlled but I’d have expected it to be busier…

    1. My brother used to talk about it but never dared do it (thankfully!) It was he who told me they had renovated the whole thing. You could run most of it Roy!!

  1. I did this walk in, I think, 2017 o 2018 and was scared all the time! Like the time I went up in a hot-air balloon, I didn’t want the others to know how terrified I actually was, so I put a brave face on it and stepped out – not out of the balloon, of course! I can’t say I saw much on the walk as I had to keep my eyes firmly downcast to avoid being frozen to the spot. I never even got to take my camera out! You are obviously a much braver person than me – and you got to bring home some great pictures.

    1. I found the path mostly ok – the fact that the gorge was so narrow in spots meant you couldn’t really look down anyway. There was a glass viewing platform at one stage – I didn’t do that. But I didn’t linger on the bridge and I didn’t enjoy that final exposed section –

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