There are almost 200 stone circles to be found in Ireland. They were probably erected for rituals and are all similar in that they always have an odd number of stones with the largest serving as the entrance to the ring.

This however is Deirbhle’s Twist – not standing here since prehistoric times but rather an 1993 art installation in County Mayo. The sculptor, Michael Bulfin, just used granite boulders he found lying on the site…..

It was named for Saint Deirbhle who is said to have moved here in the 6th century to escape a persistent suitor. Unable to get rid of him, she took the rather drastic step of gouging out her own eyes to make herself less attractive! Needless to say he disappeared from the scene rather quickly! She then washed her eyes in the waters of a local well and her sight was restored! To this day, people say the waters can cure eye problems!

15 thoughts on “COUNTERFEIT

    1. Thanks Anita – and it’s not long since you wrote about Stonehenge I think… a similar concept in many ways (except it’s the real thing of course – not like this one!)

    1. I love the fact that the sculptor used materials from the immediate landscape – which I presume is how all the original rings were constructed.

  1. It really does look the part, doesn’t it, although I’m sure on closer inspection there would be clues to its newness. That’s definitely a drastic way indeed to deter a suitor 😮

    1. Its very convincing isn’t it. At first glance you assume it’s the real deal. And so remote – with minimum signage…
      A bit extreme all right – I wonder if she knew in advance about the miracle water!!

  2. Stones tell the story of Ireland’s ancient past. And I love finding them dotted throughout the lush, green countryside – standing tall like a monolith, heaped atop one another, laid out in mysterious patterns. My favourite one is the Athgreany Stone Circle in County Wicklow. Have you been to it? Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day. Aiva 🙂 xx

    1. I know that one Aiva – haven’t been out there in years though… It has quite a few stones doesn’t it. Like you, I just love coming across these structures scattered throughout the country. It’s great to see so much of our ancient past still intact…

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