8 Things one should NEVER do in Bruges!

1. DON’T sample ANY of the hundreds of Belgian beers  (especially when sitting outside on one of the city’s many squares!)



2. DON’T try the waffles – not even the ‘healthy option’ with banana!



3. DON’T taste ANY chocolate!



4. DON’T savour the infamous Belgian frites … especially with creamy mayonnaise!



5. DON’T sit and watch as your cup of hot milk morphs into a sinful delight of hot chocolate!



6. DON’T choose from the cake displays!



7. DON’T indulge in those rich Flemish stews!



8. DON’T persuade yourself that a champagne breakfast will keep you away from all of the above for the rest of the day!!!!





I’m dedicating this post to my travel companion,  and partner in crime,  Paula.    While she charmingly reckoned on our flight home that we’d consumed our body weight in junk over the weekend,  I feel honour bound to point out that I did at least make an effort – the waffle with the banana hiding underneath the mountain of cream is actually mine and not hers!!!




Our Research….

  1. Beer – everywhere!
  2. Waffles -everywhere!
  3. Chocolate – EVERYWHERE!
  4. Frites – everywhere!
  5. Hot Chocolate – de Proeverie Tea Room
  6. Cakes – everywhere!
  7. Dinner – La Dentelliere
  8. Champagne Breakfast – Tearoom Carpe Diem





21 thoughts on “8 Things one should NEVER do in Bruges!

  1. Hahaha, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your list of things to NOT do in Bruges. Sounds like my kind of place to visit. How did the hot chocolate turn out? Did the chocolate actually melt in the warm milk?

    1. Would you believe I never took a photo …. yes it melts into the milk ….just have to hold the stick and give it a gentle swirl… tastes as good as it sounds!!!

  2. There’s a great café near the Minnewater, do a mouthwatering stew and superlative beer. Only thing was, the horse-drawn barouches ply for hire nearby, and there was a definite odour of ‘horse exhaust’ in the air. And, my companion wouldn’t hear of lunch at De Halve Maan because it ‘smells like a brewery’. (could be because it IS a brewery!!)

    1. That might be the one we were in – although there are a few restaurants on the corner there…. it was a very bad evening so the horses were bedded early while the wind and rain might have cleared the air somewhat!!

  3. I most certainly agree, but in the interests of research I am glad you sampled these bad things in our behalf. You deserve a medal – in chocolate of course.

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