Delving into Bruges – her Skyline

During the middle ages,  Bruges was one of the wealthiest cities of northern Europe.   Its rich tradesmen built fine houses and patronised musicians and artists.  When the Flemish cloth industry declined,  and the traders in precious stones moved to Antwerp, the city fell into decline.   So rapid was the downturn that,  over the next few centuries,  there was no money for upgrades or modernisation.   So the city more or less stayed the same….. and that is why its such an attraction today.



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16 thoughts on “Delving into Bruges – her Skyline

  1. One of my all-time favourite cities – and not just for the chocolates! Nice take on Bruge – the skyline. Wish I’d thought of that while in was in Arras last week.

    1. Just check your photos – I didn’t know what I had until I went through them at home – its funny what strikes you then. I’d say Arras is lovely … is it worth a visit?

  2. Absolutely loved your photos from Bruges, they certainly bring back lots of lovely memories from our trip to Belgium, it’s such a beautiful place to explore and photograph! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    1. No pun intended!! I meant the town scenes are like the lid of a chocolate box rather than referring to all the chocolate there!

    1. The first assumption one makes is that its too good to be true – that it must have been recreated – the main attraction is the fact that its the real deal…

    1. I didn’t!!! But in the interest of research I worked my way through as many beers as possible while I was there. I’m noting your recommendation – for next time!!!

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