This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is UGLY

I was truly stuck for this challenge until I remember this photo which I used last year for Sculpture Saturday – I’m all for recycling!

This piece of sculpture stands in the harbour of Póvoa de Varzim – a fishing community in Northern Portugal.   The angle of the photo says it all – upon first glance I thought it was some poor deformed soul with a massive tongue – ‘symbolising what?’ I wondered.  I was heading off but doubled back for another look.   From a different angle its not too bad I suppose – the ‘tongue’ is actually a fish – but that lifeless face!  I can’t find much info except that it is called “Monumento ao Pescador” (Monument To The Fisherman) and was created by João Cutileiro.  The town’s website describes the piece as ‘represented in a marble sculpture of various shades that illustrates the idealized figure of a fisherman with a fish’.  

The idealized figure of a fisherman – oh dear – I know they have a very tough life  – but……

DSC_7994 (1)

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30 thoughts on “UGLY

      1. I do that ALL the time!!! I press ‘send’ and the message is still sitting there and I wonder if I didn’t actually hit the button so I do it again just in case!!! Sure its good for the stats!😅 😂

    1. You’d wonder what the townsfolk think of such a piece on their doorstep!
      Good choice of theme Debbie – really making people dig deep this week! XXXMarie

      1. I can’t find much written about the piece at all…. I’d love to know what the thinking behind it was… As Debbie mentioned, the sculptor wasn’t afraid to produce controversial art. I must dig deeper at some stage….

    1. The same photos are beginning to appear more and more often in my blogs – definitely time to get travelling again!!!!

  1. I thought for quite a while about the word as well – it actually was a very interesting thought exercise.
    Love what you came up with – such an intriguing sculpture!

    1. I love looking at what others come up with in these challenges – and every week I think ‘I never thought of that!’. Good for the brain!!

  2. That’s one weird fisherman. Not sure whether to examine or recoil. I certainly prefer the one looking out to sea in Southern Ireland. Is it Kinsale? Now he’s got character and beauty.

      1. Hi Marie, Yes it is beautifully carved, and he’s in a boat looking out to sea from a roundabout. I recall vaguely that there’s a large fish /whale too.

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