This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is VERTIGINOUS

This is Slieve League in County Donegal, tucked away up in Ireland’s northwest corner. Rising about 600m out of the Atlantic Ocean, the massive cliffs are among the highest in Europe.

That is an old signal tower in the distance, dating back to the Napoleonic wars when the British were worried about a potential French invasion (which never occurred).

Imagine this place on a clear day!!

The trail leads up to the old Pilgrims Path. Up there in the hills is the remains of an early Christian monastic site. Part of the trail includes the infamous ‘One Man’s Pass’ – a narrow ridge which is usually best left to experienced hikers.

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31 thoughts on “VERTIGINOUS

  1. I love the Irish optimism, Marie. Imagine this place on a clear day. Like a Canadian saying, imagine this place without snow. Slieve League is beautiful though and I would like to visit. Stay well. Allan

    1. There’s a house a few miles from there, perched on a cliff….. gorgeous spot… and its called ‘ONACLEARDAY’ – brilliant!!!

  2. Funny how in one view it looks huge and in another view not so much. But lovely scenery either way but I would pass on the one way one man trail 🥺

    1. No – its not for me either. And my mum grew up just on the other side of that mountain and neither she nor her 4 siblings ever crossed it. I read lately that there has been so much hiking traffic on it that it has actually flattened the top of the ridge a bit so its not as challenging as it once was. I’m still not tempted though!!

      1. Yes, that’s the irony. I feel the same about Northumberland. You want people to know how beautiful a place is, and you even share photos of it online so that more people can see it, but a bit of you would much rather they didn’t visit 😆

      2. Its a great boost for the local economy there but … we’ve been up there and literally have had the place to ourselves.. now you can get a coffee and donut!!😅 😂

    1. I have actually been up there in good weather but couldn’t find proof!!! Its a lovely part of the country all right…XXXM

  3. Well, you’ve hit the jackpot with this lot I think, Marie, and you’ve certainly hit the target for the Sunday word. I’ve never been to any of these places but as I am not a ‘mountaineering’ type I don’t suppose I would have gone even if invited. My highest spot in Ireland was Cliffs of Moher and I never managed to creep close enough to the edge to really appreciate it!

    1. Thanks Mari…. must admit I had to look up the meaning of the word when I first saw it!!
      I stand well back at Moher also!!! Slieve League is nearer 3 times higher than those cliffs!! You wouldn’t like it! Hope you’re recovering from your fall!

    1. Hopefully you’ll make it one day Frank – I can’t guarantee the weather alas but we’ve plenty of beaches for you!! XXXM

    1. Yes – this place is special to me as my parents are from this part of the country. It really is beautiful…. XXXM

  4. Great post and fantastic photos, Marie. This reminds me that I haven’t written anything yet about the magnificent Slieve League cliffs. Can’t wait to go back this summer. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Ericeira is finally going back to preschool today, we’ll see how that goes! Cheers and wishing you a very Happy Women’s Day 💕☺️💕 Aiva

    1. Hoping to get back ourselves for a few days also….. I’m sure Ericeira enjoyed her first day back…. lets hope she can finish out her year without more closures!!!
      Any many happy returns to you Aiva!! XXXMarie

  5. I love so much all those coastlines! They probably look much better on a clear day😊 but I would still love to see them nevertheless.. Have a lovely day, xx

    1. One thing we’re blessed with Cristina is coastline!!!! I’ll have to try and get back there this summer and hopefully the sun will shine for me!!! XXXMarie

  6. I’ve never been into that corner of Ireland – clearly, I should put that right. But I think I’ll have to give One Man’s Pass a miss!

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