This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is OUTDOOR

I live in a temperate climate – a VERY temperate climate. We Irish love to travel but its not just a curiosity to see the world – its the opportunity to live for a while in heat and sunshine. Don’t get me wrong – there are wonderful outdoor pursuits to be enjoyed here – but they tend towards movement – sports, walking etc. rather than sitting and relaxing. Patio heaters have paved the way in recent years for al fresco dining and drinking but planning a outdoor event is always a risk – reasonable weather is never assumed, no matter the season.

But- all’s changed, changed utterly…….

Covid has driven us OUTDOORS!

It’s mindblowing really! There is takeaway coffee everywhere for starters – everywhere! I didn’t even know that the country possessed so many mobile food trucks. You can’t buy a bike or wetsuit for love or money! The dogs are all exhausted from multiple daily walks. Summer park-based yoga classes stayed outside until the Xmas lockdown. Garden furniture is being snapped up as soon as it hits the shops. Now that we’re allowed meet up with another household outside, we’ve all rooted out the old folding chairs from the attic and thrown them into the car boot. We’re awaiting the day we can return to the pubs for an outdoor pint …. who’d have thought!!

St Anne’s Park, Dublin, Oct 2020
Coffee van in lay-by, Donegal, August, 2020
Seafood lunch al fresco, Killybegs, Donegal, August 2020

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22 thoughts on “OUTDOOR

  1. I like the fact all dogs are exhausted because of multiple walks! 🤣
    At least we’re being shown we can do more things outdoors despite the weather… previously we’d have stayed inside over the merest drop!

    1. It’s great to be on the move again – just catching up with people without zoom! I didn’t even complain yesterday as I sat in traffic- first time in months… No restaurants, pubs etc open – nor non-essential shops – so limited in what’s out there but there is a definite sense of freedom about…

  2. I know what you mean – it’s exactly the same over here! Last Monday we had lunch in our local pub garden, on the first day outdoor dining and drinking opened up. It was freezing and we would never normally eat outside in April, but somehow it had to be done, to mark the fact that we could 😆

    1. Ah – I’d murder a pub lunch….. can’t wait! You’re right – you HAD to mark the occasion – despite the cold weather!

  3. We have the same problem here with bikes, canoes and camper vans in short supply. The trails and sidewalks are packed with people getting outdoors, especially as spring advances. The main issue on hikes these days seems to be access to toilets, so timing is everything. Stay well Marie. Allan

    1. Yes – amenities will be stretched with so many out and about… and no longer just 5km from home! Local councils have been upgrading paths and cycle lanes but they’ll have to consider toilet facilities, parking, etc also in the long run I think.
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend Allan….

  4. Maybe one good by-product of Covid–driving people outdoors. 🙂 I guess you can find a positive to most things. I wonder if more people will keep up with outdoor pursuits once it’s safe/safer to be indoors again. The places that had take-away, drive-through’s, a/o outdoor seating had an advantage when all this started. I wonder whether that will influence how new stores are built. On the other hand, many people are having everything delivered now and not going out for much of anything.


    1. I think many people will continue with their walking, swimming – certainly in the medium term at least. We’ve noticed a lot of work being done around pubs with a bit of outdoor space – they are thinking ahead. Restaurants will find it trickier although there was some word about relaxing the by-laws re pavement seating which will definitely help. The future of shopping will be the most interesting – and challenging. I don’t know what our main streets and centres will look like after all this – so many of them will never reopen. I’m not good at online shopping so I, for one, will be celebrating their reopening whenever that shall be…

  5. Heading outdoors and switching off devices, such as smartphones keeps lockdown blues at bay! 🙂 Anyone that enjoys seafood must try it in Killybegs. Did you get it from the little food truck near the harbour? Have a lovely Sunday, Marie. xxx

    1. We did indeed Aiva! I’d seen something about it on TV. We arrived before they opened up so were first in the queue.. watched them carrying in the fish for the day….

  6. We are also experiencing a shortage of outdoor gear and campers here in Canada. I am blessed to have space a plenty at home but still enjoy the outdoors almost every day thanks to those dogs! Loved all your pictures. Glad things have opened up for you as they have closed down here again for us (because there are too many idiots around IMO). Take care and stay safe. Bernie

    1. No guarantee that things will continue to open up here either Bernie…. We’ve been here a few times before, only for the situation to deteriorate again. But we’re all enjoying the extra bit of freedom. Hope things improve for you….. XXXMarie

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