I’ve never traditionally been away much in May so didn’t expect to hear from Google this month! But Rediscover this Day threw this up this morning – from Giverny on May 30th, 2018. I was happy with the timing of our visit to Monet’s garden…. the irises hadn’t quite faded and the waterlilies were just beginning to bloom…..

Here’s a few more images from the day….

31 thoughts on “WISH YOU WERE … NO! WAIT!….. WISH I WERE HERE!!!! #3

  1. Lovely images. It rained cats and dogs on the two occasions I visited, too much to attempt a photograph. Hope you’re enjoying the summer weather we are having here at the moment.

  2. Lovely images. It rained cats and dogs on he two occasions I visited so I didn’t get one photograph – it was that bad. Still, I bought lots of postcards. Hope you are having the lovely summer weather we are experiencing here – what a joy to sit outdoors in a tee-shirt!

    1. It was a lovely day trip from Paris – and easily done. And then back to the city for an evening stroll…perfect!

  3. Thanks for the memories, while in Versailles used to come to Giverny a lot, now its been years! I am just updating an older post myself on it/ Cheers

    1. WELL!! There’s the question! At the moment the schedule is as follows ..
      June 2nd – hotels etc. opening for overnight guests
      June 7th – Pubs/ restaurants opening for outdoor dining
      July 5th – indoor dining..

      But – authorities going crazy at the moment… there’s been a great spell of good weather and everyone is out and about… fears of too much socializing and a fourth wave!!

      We’ve booked to go to the west of Ireland in late June – I’m going to prebook restaurants soon… it worked well last summer and while it was a bit restrictive, it was worth it every night to have something sorted.

  4. Such wonderful photos, Marie. There’s nothing better than being able to visit blooming gardens, wherever they might be… We are planning on visiting Glenveagh National Park and walk around the Castle Gardens which are regarded as one of Ireland’s outstanding horticultural masterpieces 🙂 Hope you were enjoying the sunshine, long may it last 🙂 Aiva xxx

    1. Lovely – we were there last August for the first time. If you’re spending a few days there you should consider climbing Mount Errigal – even a bit of it – depending on what Ericeira is able for…. Looks amazing but we didn’t have time. Definitely going to do it when we get back to Donegal…
      Meanwhile, enjoy the Sligo sunshine! XXXMarie

      1. So much to see and do there – it never ends….. This was actually a lovely relaxing day away from the manic walking around the city!

  5. Would love to see this garden. Gardening is my second favorite activity other than travel. We really enjoyed seeing Monet’s paintings in France. Thanks Marie

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