This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is MEET or MEAT

I’ve tried very hard to think about ‘meet’ – maybe woodland paths or merging streams, hugs or handshakes…. but I can’t get the following scene out of my head…..

This is dedicated to all Douglas Adams fans out there….(vegans turn away NOW!)


Milliways is better known as the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. As the main characters settle at the table, the waiter invites them to meet the ‘dish of the day’! A bovine creature of sorts ambles over and encourages them to check out the parts of its body – it suggests shoulder braised in a white wine sauce, a casserole or perhaps some rump or liver. While some members of the party are revolted at the thought of eating an animal that’s standing there inviting them to do so, another (wisely!) points out that its better than eating an animal that doesn’t want to be eaten! Eventually, 4 steaks are ordered and the creature wanders off to shoot itself…

You really, really need to read these books!!

Sorry guys!!!

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8 thoughts on “MEET THE MEAT!

  1. “You really, really need to read these books!!”….Yes, absolutely. And then you should go back and read them again. Douglas Adams was one of the most gifted English writers of the late 20th century, a comic genius who died way, way too young.

    1. I read them every few years or so and love them as much today as when I first read Hitchhikers Guide… back in the early 80’s I reckon..

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