(Just home after a very mucky outing!)


(Somewhere in Northern Morocco)


(Clothesline, Porto)


(Non stop rain in San Sebastian!)


Not 100% sure about this but is the disrupted water behind the boat called the WASH?


(Sargassum Seaweed washed up in San Pedro, Belize)


(Typical scene in Porto on 24th June every year – everyone wrecked after partying during Festa de Sáo Joáo do Porto on the 23rd!!!)


(Somewhere / Everywhere in the Irish Counrtyside)

This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is WASH / WASHED / WASHING

22 thoughts on “WASH!

      1. Well now I was curious so according to Wikipedia…
        The wake in wake and wash refers to waves caused by the boat displacing water by moving through it. Wash refers to the disrupted water caused by the propeller churning the water at the stern.

  1. You’re always so creative in interpreting these words, I love to see what you come up with! I’d have called the water behind the boat the wake – maybe ‘wash’ is an Irish expression?

    1. Thanks Sarah – You know I enjoy these challenges – As for the boat – haven’t a clue why it popped into my head! It might be Irish but I don’t know – maybe some nautical expert will set us straight!!!

  2. CLOTHES washing is always a focus of my travels. I am a prolific nighttime handwasher en route as I hate wasting time in laundries. I carry a small laundry soap, and also utilise hotel shampoos for a little foaming sweet smelling action! We always use a towel to wring dry clothes before hanging. Usually using clothes hangers and those wonderful Asian clothes hangers that I always have in my luggage. I need one night in a place for undies and light shirts/blouses to dry overnight, and a two night stay for heavier items such as jeans.

    1. We always wash as we go … but trickiest in recent times was Borneo last year – nothing would dry in the humidity and/ or air conditioning – we moved every 2 days so were constantly packing up damp clothes ..

    1. This is a good challenge because the list is pre published so there’s time to think about the theme during the week…. thanks for the support. XXXMarie

    1. I’d say I’ve recycled most of them – some more than once – but it’s funny how a new theme changes the whole context of a photo….

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