London Out and About – A Weekend stroll around Shoreditch.

The jury is out when it comes to Shoreditch – it being either the coolest, edgiest neighbourhood in the city or over gentrified and past its sell-by date. I, for one, don’t really care – the artists and hipsters may have moved on to pastures new but it’s still a great place for a wander and there’s always plenty to see…

While locals know the best haunts for the bottomless brunches and crafted beers, the first time visitor to the East End will head for the ‘must do’s’ – Brick Lane and its environs, maybe include the Dennis Severs House or Sunday’s Columbia Road Flower Market, enjoy a bagel or curry for lunch, seek out some of the nearby street art and hunt down that statement piece in a vintage shop or flea market.

Every return visit offers up something new from before – a hidden square or park, back street terraces, classical architecture and listed buildings to look up at, notable gravestones to look down upon, street lights and fittings that you’d never spotted, monuments to famous residents, self explanatory street names and those ever changing cafes, bars, colours and artworks….

….and this is what I found on a recent visit……

(I’m not sure that everything is technically in Shoreditch – I’ve no idea of the neighbourhood boundary – but there or thereabouts in that general area of the city!)

Before you go –

Here are a few more ideas for those of you heading to London soon….







24 thoughts on “London Out and About – A Weekend stroll around Shoreditch.

  1. Well, I always enjoy Shoreditch and you’ve proved your point by showing me some things I’d not seen previously as well as other spots I know well. I reckon you’ll entice a few more people to visit too, with this great set of images! Maybe we could meet up there (or elsewhere!) if you’re in London again in the future?

    1. It’s just such a great place to wander – and people watch…. we were there last on a Saturday morning and we were fascinated by the queues – queuing for coffee shops when the ones next door were almost empty … queuing for a fashion scout event (we weren’t invited in for some strange reason!!!😅 😂)… and queuing at some pop up stores…
      Sarah I’d love to meet up with you!! Don’t know how soon I’ll be back over but it’s a date!!!

  2. Whether the hipsters have gone or not, it looks like a fun place to visit. I would like to visit just because I love the name. And any place that has a vintage market is on my radar. Thank you for sharing your insights on Shoreditch!

  3. I’ve only heard of Shoreditch once before, and that was in a novel by Sophie Kinsella. Nice to actually see a few of the sites in that area. 🙂

    1. It’s one of those areas of a city Barbara that’s not full of major sights – so one can wander about at one’s leisure. We miss out on loads of stuff of course- it would be a good place to join a guided walking tour..

  4. Just love Shoreditch Marie, my mum and dad grew up around here and I was born close by. We always make a trip to Brick Lane when we are back. So different from the slums of sixty years ago.

    1. You have a great link to the area then, Alison. I only know it from recent times but you must have seen huge changes over the years and with each visit….

    1. You’re right – I love all those neighbourhoods and villages that make up the greater city. There’s so much there – wouldn’t it take a long, long time to actually say that you ‘know’ London!

    1. We’re all the same when it comes to our homeplace – I always think the same about Dublin – I need to get in to the city more often and just wander…

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