Set out a short looped drive in Ireland’s south east yesterday but it was so miserable we just abandoned it and turned back. All was not lost though. We mightn’t have been able to leave the car but look what we spotted in the middle of nowhere – and I mean the middle of nowhere!!!

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17 thoughts on “PULL UP A SEAT

    1. Hilarious isn’t it – and it’s in quite good shape… We’d a 2 day break – using up a Groupon – so miserable we ended up the first morning in TK Max to pass an hour!!

    1. Ha – ‘soft day thank God’ ….. A soft day is a dull misty day with drizzle… This alas, was what we call ‘a dirty day’!!! A dirty day is more teeming rain than drizzle – and usually includes driving winds to make sure you can’t use your umbrella!!

    1. You joking!! The car door would have been whipped off if I’d tried to open it!!! And there was probably a bog hole or two between me and the seat anyway!! 😅 😂

    1. You’re right – but to be honest we didn’t even spot a scrap of paper besides… There are supposed to be lovely views from up there over the green landscape but it was like fog further up the road. We’ll go back though – we could probably do it as a day trip from Dublin so needn’t actually plan it …. the joys of retirement!!

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