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  1. Fascinating. Don’t you love it when you join the dots together and arrive at a conclusion. I’ve never been to Belize but your posts make me think I’ve missed something.

    1. With a mixture of jungle and coast, we’d an absolutely brilliant holiday here – one of our favourites ever and that’s saying something!

  2. Third time to write a comment, it doesn’t seem to like me today. Nice connection to make with the map and Independence – clever girl!

  3. I recognised that immediately as we visited Indian Church while staying at Lamanai! But I didn’t spot that Bekize wasn’t on the map – how observant of you 😀

    1. Ha!!! Once a teacher…..!!! I couldn’t understand why no one added a dot of paint – even a marker – to the map…. must have been intentionally left like that…

  4. You have to love the power of observation, Marie as it requires us to stop, to look, to listen, and to be grateful for the experiences around us. I hope your Sunday is going well. Aiva xx

    1. It is indeed Aiva – I never enjoyed Sunday afternoon – it was always too close to Monday (loved Fridays and Saturdays – even Thursdays were ok!) but now – the joys of retirement and empty nest – my week is totally completely without structure and I LOVE it!!!!

    1. We’d had a walkabout with a guide the day beforehand but didn’t notice that time – we went back for a short walk before we left but there was no one around to ask then…

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