The Inspiration behind the Inspiration!


I’ve been asked about the photos used in my ‘Inspiration’ posts.  Now that I’ve hit the nicely rounded number of twenty,   I though it a good time to reissue along with details of the photos…..(if I can remember!!)



Marie (3)

This photo was taken early morning in Sossusvlei,  Namibia (2017).   The dunes are a major attraction and are absolutely spectacular.   You have to set off before the heat of the day catches up with you.   Its chilly – but not for long!!!



We are having a baby girl! I haven't been everywhere, but its on my list. Susan Santag (3)

Bratislava (2018)  –  This is Kilometre Zero which measures distances to global cities.   It can be found under Michael’s Tower which is part of the original fortifications of the city.   We visited in January,  maybe not the best time of the year!



I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them, Mark Twain

Namibia again (and not the last Namibian photo in the collection!)   This is a pair of bustards in Etosha National Park.    We loved the fact that we could self drive in the park.  Such a privilege and treat.



Francesca M. Healy (5)

Assisi,  Italy (1992).    We’d just bought the toy camera in a souvenir shop.   Lots of tourists stopped to take photos of him  – ah pre social media days – we could have made a fortune out of you Stephen!!


5 .

I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world Mary Anne Radmacher (3)

It was a challenge seeking this one out again!!   Had to trawl through so much stuff to find it .. but find it I did.    I’d lots of sunsets but actually very few moonshots!   This photo was taken in the town of Opatija in Croatia (2017).   We’d a great trip,  starting at Zadar and ending in Pula.   Our route offered a bit of everything – national parks,  roman ruins,  beaches,  islands….  busy in August but very enjoyable none the less.



Francesca M. Healy

OK- this is an easy one.   Las Vegas is not for everyone but we’ve used it as a base on a few occasions for exploring the national parks of Arizona and Utah.   Thinking back,  I’m pretty sure we’ve always been there in August!!!   Sooooooooooo hot!



The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page St. Augustine

Namibia again!  The rock-art galleries of Twyfelfontein contain over 2000 engravings and paintings.    Probably the work of San hunters who were attracted to the area because it contained the only spring (Twyfelfontein means ‘doubtful spring’),  some of the engravings may date back 10,000 years



Not all those who wander are lost J. R. R. Tolkien

Namibia! ( we really loved that trip!!!).  Guinea Fowl in the early morning.



If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet Rachel Wolchin (1)

Belize,  2019.    This photo was taken near our lodge in San Ignacio



Add a little bit of body text (1)

Somewhere along the Mother Road – Route 66  road trip,  summer 2007.   I loved scenes such as these – we couldn’t see any houses – who owns these mail boxes!!



Add a little bit of body text

Chefchaouen,  Morocco, 2018.   No points for guessing why its called the Blue City! Apart from being a photographer’s dream,  you will get the best orange juice you’ve ever tasted!   We spent a few days here while on a road trip between Rabat and Tangiers.  Despite being a bit off the beaten track,  the town is very popular with travelers.




Monument Valley,  Arizona/Utah,  2015.   We were so lucky to spend a night there,  meaning we could enjoy both sunset and sunrise from our cabin porch veranda.


13.Never lose your sense of wonder (Lee Ann Womack)

Bryce Canyon,  Utah,  2015.  I think these hoodoos make for one of the most extraordinary landscapes I’ve ever come across.


14.The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes Marcel Proust

Bilbao,  Spain (maybe 2005).   Opened in 1997,  Museo Gugggenheim  put Bilbao on the world map.   The structure itself is definitely the most important part of the collection!



Add a little bit of body text (2)

I took this photo in autumn 2019,   about 1 km from my home in Shankill,  Dublin.   This is the Irish Sea which,  along with the Atlantic Ocean,  separates our beloved island home from the rest of the world!



Somewhere out there is an empty beachchair with my name on it.... (1)

And I’m going back to that beachchair some day!   San Pedro, Belize  (2019)



Add a little bit of body text (2)

Costa Rica (2017)   I took this photo on a night walk in Puerto Viego de Sarapiqui.   I was thrilled – its just like the guy on the cover of David Attenborough’s  Life on Earth  (1979)!



Investment in travel is an investment in yourself Matthew Karsten

Somewhere over the Atlantic!   February, 2020 en route home from South Carolina.  This was my last travel photo – who’d have thought it would be so significant!   I wonder when I’ll next be on an aeroplane!!



Add a little bit of body text (3)

Placencia,  Belize (2019) …. I found it really,  really hard to drag myself off this veranda –  I want to live here!



Add a little bit of body text (1)

Sedona,  Arizona, USA  (2019).   During the day,  visitors enjoy the red rock scenery.   As evening falls,  they head to vantage points around the city to enjoy the amazing sunsets.


So there you have it.    Hope you enjoyed!

42 thoughts on “The Inspiration behind the Inspiration!

  1. Bustards ! Careful with that spelling Marie. Wonderful images / memories! Love the photo of little Stephen with camera . Jimmy

  2. Hello.

    Very inspiring post. I love your photos very much. The pictures make my “fingers itch” to get to travel. 🙂

    Have a good day!

  3. Wow, beautiful photos and fantastic quotes. You’ve been to many amazing places around the world, thanks for sharing and inspiring. Bruce Canyon is out of this world kind of place, would love to visit one day 😀 Aiva

  4. I love these quotes over photos. How do you do that? I like to leave a quote also at the bottom of my posts, will have to look into it. Another challenge !

    1. First thing I’ll say Alison is that if I can do it……
      I always wanted to do it also. I’ve absolutely no idea if there’s a facility on WordPress.

      I use You can register for free. Under the heading ‘Create a Design’ you open ‘Social Media’. Then download (or upload???) your own photo. There is a menu at the side from which you select ‘Text’. You can then add your quote.

      Give it a go. If you get stuck then contact me on and I’ll go through it with you.

  5. As a confirmed non-traveller I rely on a good travel blog to take me places. I’m glad I happened across yours Marie. Your photos are outstanding.

    1. Well thank you so much for those lovely encouraging words – I really do appreciate them Roy. I’m not sure that I ever came across a declared non traveller before!!! Is there nothing that would tempt you away from Jersey?

      1. Not really. I don’t feel the need to physically place myself somewhere to appreciate it. If the stars were in alignment maybe I’d live out my days in rural Ireland, but it seems unlikely.

  6. Totally fulfilled now and feeling ready to plan the next holiday, whenever that may be. I think I’ll start off small though, somewhere small and intimate in either Spain or Italy. In the mountains maybe where I can just sit and luxuriate in once again being ‘abroad’.

    1. Well doesn’t that sound idyllic – I think we will appreciate any trip at all whenever we get the opportunity.

  7. Totally, totally satisfied and fulfilled with your pictures and quotes, both of which helped me know why I have always travelled. Many years ago my husband and I decided that travel was more important than a perfect house (great relief to me as I hadn’t a clue how to keep a perfect house) so we had ‘shabby chic’ before it was invented along with a glorious time spent travelling. We worked so that we had large blocks of time free and managed to travel a lot while we were young enough to be able to do adventurous things. Now I’m alone and much more sedate in my travels, but that tingle still happens when I get out the suitcase and buy the foreign currency. Thanks for that.

    1. Your philosophy in life sounds very similar to ourselves – travel, rather than the house, was the priority. Of course, for many many years we travel only once every 12 months but those trips kept us going throughout the year. As teachers, we would head off for several weeks once school and summer camps finished. Of course, to stay away for longer than 2 weeks, our only affordable option was camping. But we loved it. I also know I’m very privileged to have a wonderful travelling companion. I hope you get travelling again soon. XXXMarie

  8. Thank you so much – for the beautiful photographs from your Skips & Jumps and the wonderfully inspirational quotes.
    We went to Vegas ‘under protest’ having wanted to visit the Grand Canyon; I’d be hard put now to decide which one I preferred. Loved Bellagio fountains. Iconic.
    When all this is over we plan to revisit Ireland, concentrating on Wicklow and Kerry this time so your ‘Hop’ pic was a great memory-jogger. Thank you again.

    1. I love Vegas Marilyn – I know its mad, and false, but so what – its fun for a few days. We’ve been there a few times over the years. Our last trip included Sedona and a some of the National Parks in Utah – Las Vegas didn’t fit in at all but I was having a ‘significant’ birthday and where better to celebrate!!! It was extra special because our son joined us for a few days which was brilliant because its years since he travelled with us. We’d a great time.
      You will love both Wicklow and Kerry. Wicklow is so accessible from Dublin and Kerry is a great destination.
      Hope you get there soon. XXXMarie

      1. Hi We travelled in RoI and NI in 2018 promising to take our caravan back this year or next. Bases were Tipperary, Killarney, Mountshannon, Tandragee. Weather was glorious except for Ring of Kerry. Hence promised returns to give more time to certain areas. Still on bucket list for post-covid.

  9. Belize seem to have been a favorite spot. It has been on my bucket list yet to be realized. I took so many photos n videos in Bryce still in awe of the hoodoos. Great posting as usual.

    1. It certainly is! I use any excuse to go through the Belize photos!!! Bryce is amazing – I don’t think I’ve come across a landscape like it…

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